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Is your cladding safe?



How do you know?

Cladding by its every term implies that it is one component laid over another.

But what is behind the cladding?


The cladding on a building may be of limited combustibility but what is the behind the cladding?

Is there any insulation?


If so is this combustible? Do you know its fire rating?

Are there cavity barriers?


Have they been fixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions?


So you may look at your building and think it is made of brick but it could be brick cladding panels with a ventilated barrier and insulation behind.


Or there may not be any insulation behind the cladding?


And /or there may not be any cavity barriers?

A visual inspection might lead to a misleading conclusion and you certainly cannot tell if there are cavity barriers from looking at the building from the outside.

So, I ask the question again but in a different manner:

Is your facade safe with regard to spread of fire?

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